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How to Set Your Business Up For Online Marketing Success

You’ve worked so hard. You’ve done your research, built an appealing business website, and even gone so far as to publish a few ads. So ...
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How to request online reviews [TEMPLATE]

Most local businesses don’t have a strategy in place to generate and monitor their online reviews. This hurts them. Our clients who implement such a ...
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The 5 building blocks for online marketing success

Many business owners contact us with a very specific service in mind. They might call us up and believe they need SEO. Or Facebook ads. ...
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What is a StoryBrand One-liner? And why should I care?

Many business owners struggle to explain how they solve their customer’s problems. The StoryBrand one-liner helps them to better explain how their product (or service) ...
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A Story-based Website Walkthrough: Joubert & Co Advisory Partners

Joubert & Co approached us and needed help with their first website. We walked them through the StoryBrand One-liner exercise, and created a website wireframe ...
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Many business owners are stressed out about where their next client will come from. At Click Results, we have a 5 step process that turns their website into a salesman that never sleeps so that it attracts new clients, generate more sales and get their business growing again.

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