How local businesses are getting 40+ phone calls from Google EVERY month

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Many business owners struggle with getting consistent long term results from their online marketing efforts. This happens far too often because business owners make use of the wrong online platforms.

In our opinion, Google can make or break many businesses. A number of our clients have built their businesses on Google traffic. Between Daniel and myself, we have built a number of online businesses ourselves that was primarily focused on Google traffic.

Recently our clients with businesses like yours have had great success with local SEO, which includes Google My Business (GMB).

In this article I want to share the results that our clients have been getting from our local SEO and GMB Optimization service (learn more here).

Before we dive in to the results…

What is Google My Business?

When your potential client uses Google to search for your product/service in their local area, they will see the GMB results (also called the Map Pack or Snack Pack).

Who doesn’t want more clients that are close to their location?


Local chiropractor gets 162 phone calls and 319 site visits

This chiropractor has two practices each with their own Google My Business listing. Combined, these two listings are bringing in 162 calls per month and 319 site visitors.

Moving company receives 168 phone calls and 448 site visits

This moving company has been a client of ours for more than 3 years, and continually outrank their competitors on Google.

Medical facility generates 209 phone calls and 460 site visits

This medical facility has been enjoying results with us for the past 14 months.

How did they do it?

The short answer, by realizing they didn’t have the time, nor the expertise, to consistently perform the tasks that are needed. Certain tasks (we will get into this shortly) needs to be performed consistently to achieve these results month over month.

If you want to achieve these same results, here are the foundational (once-off) tasks:

  1. Complete and optimize your Google My Business profile. Make sure to add all information, and pictures. Research what your competitors are doing to optimize their campaign, and do same/better.
  2. Complete an audit of all mentions of your company’s NAP information (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  3. Fix those listings with inconsistent NAP information
  4. Build out new structured citations (listings) with accurate NAP information
  5. Build out unstructured citations where necessary

Once you have set the right foundation, there are certain repeating tasks that need to be completed:

  1. Publish posts with relevant information that is also optimized for your primary and secondary keywords
  2. Generate reviews from customers
  3. Respond to customer reviews (both the good and the bad)
  4. Add regular images to your listing
  5. Generate questions on your listing, and answer them promptly
  6. Perform weekly and monthly ranking scans
  7. Perform quarterly competitor audits
  8. Perform quarterly keyword research

Do our clients perform these tasks themselves?

No, they don’t. The value their time, and like you, know that the bigger picture stuff is more important than resizing images, or coming up with ideas for posts. Never mind finding the time, to research what competitors are doing, read up on industry blogs, or learn how to use the various tools.

Not only that, but they also don’t have the expertise to perform the technical tasks, or the time to learn all the intricacies of doing Google My Business optimization.

They hired us to do perform the above tasks, so that they can focus on growing their business.

Wrapping up

Google My Business works very well for local businesses like yours. At Click Results, we have a proven 5-step recipe to ensure our clients are more visible in Google so that potential customers will find them, call them and do business with them.

Our battle tested recipe works for dozens of our clients across various industries (medical, professional and trades).

Now, the only question is, how much longer can you afford to lose customers to your competition?


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Many business owners are stressed out about where their next client will come from. At Click Results, we have a 5 step process that turns their website into a salesman that never sleeps so that it attracts new clients, generate more sales and get their business growing again.

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