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I’ll be honest. I am pretty sure you didn’t wake up this morning, and thought to yourself: “Myself, what I need, is a website care plan!”

Very few of our clients come to us and say they want a Care Plan. What they do want is peace of mind. And a stress-free website.

They want to know that the website they paid thousands for, is running safely and securely.

They want to know that their website won’t experience any technical issues. And when it does, they want to know that their webmaster/technical guru/web developer knows about the problem as soon as it happens (and not 3 days later). And that their webmaster is already addressing the issue.

They want to know that anytime a crucial price change needs to be made to the website, that it is easy as sending a quick email, and it is taken care of.

They want to know that if they need to add a crucial piece of information that will help them land more sales, a developer will be on call to make the change promptly. Instead of calling up a web developer, that might have changed careers by now, or that might be unavailable.

Imagine having to call up 3 different web developers to get quotes for adding a page about a new product/service you are launching. Not only do web developers and designers tend to be disorganized, and difficult to get a hold of when you really need them, it could easily take a week just to get the 3 different quotes.

Compare that to popping a quick email to us, and since we know your website inside and out, and because we have a Care Plan agreement in place, the page is live in less than 48 hours.

If you have read this far, you might have a few questions about our Care Plans. Let me try to answer them for you.

What a Care Plan is NOT

Before we get into the details of what a Care Plan includes, it is important to discuss what a Care Plan does not include.

A Care Plan is not marketing.

Think of your website as a motor car. You need to take care of it. The car probably sleeps behind closed gates, or in a garage at night. And you pay insurance every month to keep your care safe and secure. You probably have a maintenance or service plan to prevent any serious damage.

Your website also needs regular servicing so that it doesn’t break down. So that it keeps running smoothly without any hassles. Just like your grandad’s Corolla. This is what your Care Plan covers.

But your vehicle also needs fuel. Without fuel it won’t go anywhere. In this example the fuel is the marketing activities you do so that you can get more eyeballs on your website. No marketing of the website means no website visitors. And a website with no visitors, is very much like a car without fuel, it will take you nowhere.

So, what kind of marketing can you do with your website? There are many, many different ways to get more visitors to your website. At Click Results, we help the owners of established local businesses to get more traffic to their website so that they can get more customers.

If you are interested in getting more visitors to your website, make sure to check out our Growth Mapping workshops here.

What does a Care Plan include?

Our Care Plans all include the following:

Monthly WordPress & plugin updates

    • Why does this matter?
      • Your website runs on software called Wordpress. Just like your computer, phone and tablet, your website also needs regular software updates so that your website is always safe and secure from hackers and malware infections.

Performance Scans

    • Your website loads fast, and does a great job of convincing potential clients to reach out to you, and to do business with you.
    • If that changes, our performance scans will notify us, and we can make sure to fix whatever issue might be slowing your site down so you don’t lose business from potential clients or lose Google traffic from a decrease in SEO rankings.

Premium Plugins (worth R11 000/year)

    • The average web designer will use a host of different plugins to power your website. Now, as with most things in life, you get free options, and you get premium options.
    • We use only the best of the best plugins which means your website will be more like a high performance Formula 1 Car than a Japanese family sedan.
    • Not only do we have a set of premium plugins that will improve your website, we are constantly on the lookout for more plugins that will make our client’s websites better. Each year we add more plugins to our list, at no cost to you, which is just another way of making sure your website can grow with your business.

Website backups to the cloud

    • If anything goes wrong, you want to know that you have a backup. We get regular calls from frustrated business owners that have lost their websites, and they do not enjoy having to pay a for the website to be rebuilt from scratch.
    • Why daily backups? Because you don’t want to lose sales information for the last month, or the leads that contacted you.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

    • Imagine chatting to a potential client during a sales call, and telling them to visit your website for more information. What impression does it make if your website is down at that very point in time?
    • We understand this pain, because this has happened to us. You will understand why we didn’t land that specific deal.
    • Imagine running paid ads (like Google Ads or Facebook Ads). If your website goes down, Google and Facebook will keep sending people to your website, running up your ad bill.
    • With uptime monitoring, we know immediately when your site goes down, so that you don’t lose money on ads, and that you don’t lose out on any sales opportunies.

Security Scans

    • We make our clients websites secure. But we also know that the hackers out there tend to be one step ahead, and that is why we do daily security scans. If your website is ever infected with malware, or gets hacked, we know about it quickly, and can fix it before your clients see it, or you lose Google traffic from a drop SEO rankings.

Monthly Edits

    • Each plan has a set number of edits (update or tasks) that is included every month.
    • If a certain task will take longer than the included time in your Plan, you get a discount on our hourly rate. We will always quote first, and wait for your approval, before implementing any work that is over and above your plan.
    • These edits cover you for tasks like:
      • Adding an additional service to an existing page
      • Changing product prices/descriptions/images
      • Updating contact details
      • Replacing your logo with a new version
      • Publishing blog content (if you provide to us in the right format)
      • Adding basic products on your eCommerce website
      • Changing plugin settings
      • CSS Adjustments so that your website always look good
    • These edits do NOT cover you for the following:
      • Adding new pages to your website (this can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the information)
      • Uploading a large batch of products to your eCommerce site
      • Custom development
      • Writing/creation of content
      • Graphic design
      • Building of new sites
      • Creating of advanced quote forms

Our Pro and Pro Plus also include:

eCommerce Support

    • So that we can assist you in batch uploading prices, or updating products

Whatsapp Group Support

    • We will create a Whatsapp group where you can ask any questions that relate to your website and online marketing effort. This also makes for quick and easy communication so that your work gets done faster.

Quarterly Website Strategy Call

    • During this call, we discuss how the website can help you achieve your goals for the next quarter. We brainstorm ideas for improving the website, and share any ideas that we have come across that could make your website even more effective in generating enquiries and sales.

Can you build me a brand new website as part of my Care Plan?

Uhm, no. Our Care Plans are setup so that we can give you cost-effective premium support on your website.

On our Pro and Pro Plus Care Plans we do give a significant discount on our hourly rate. Which means that you can make larger changes and additions to your website with someone you know and trust, and that knows your website inside and out.

Many of our clients have found it much more effective to make small and regular updates to their websites, instead of doing a massive overhaul.

One of our values is to aim to be 1% better every day. Why should this matter to you? This value means we strive to constantly improve what we do and how we do it, which means that your website will also improve and will also be moving closer and closer to the powerful marketing tool that it should be.

Does my website qualify for a Care Plan?

If your website is built on Wordpress, you qualify!

Can I get a cheaper Care Plan by removing some of the features?

We understand that this might sound like a good idea at first. But our Care Plans have been designed to give you exactly what you need to keep your website running, and nothing that you don’t.

Our plans were created over time, based off our combined 20 years of experience in creating and maintaining Wordpress websites.

Which Care Plan is right for me?

Each business and website is unique. It is probably best to have a conversation to understand your goals, before we can recommend the best option to help you get where you want to be.

But, we have some guidance around choosing the right plan for you:

  • Starter
    • Perfect for small websites that do not require changes very often, especially businesses that run Google Ads campaigns and can’t afford their website to be down for a day or three.
    • On this plan, you qualify for a discounted hourly rate when you need to make changes to your website.
  • Basic Care Plan
    • Small business with a website of 10 pages or less that require changes to pricing, packages, loading of the occassional blog article.
  • Pro
    • eCommerce sites with less than 30 products
    • Small business websites with more than 10 pages and/or active blogs
    • Includes strategic advice as to what changes or improvements can be made to the website (we call this Growth Mapping).
  • Pro Plus
    • Large websites with more than 50 pages that require regular and time-sensitive changes
    • Larger eCommerce websites with more than 30 products
    • Includes strategic advice as to what changes or improvements can be made to the website (we call this Growth Mapping).

Can I get a Care Plan for my Wix / Shopify / Squarespace / Joomla / Drupal website?

Short answer, no.

We don’t build websites on these platforms, so we won’t pretend to be experts in them. We would recommend finding a developer that specializes in your platform of choice.

How does payment work?

Our Starter, Basic and Pro plans are strictly debit order only.

Invoices are raised on the 20th of each month, and your debit order will run on the 25th. All payments are made in advance.

Why is a debit order better for you?

This allows us to focus on doing what we are best at. Taking care of your website, and ensuring it is running well, and that there are ZERO issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about our debit orders

  • What if I want to cancel?
    • While our clients benefit from long term relationships with us, our Care Plan service is month-to-month, and you can cancel with 30 days notice.
  • Are the debit orders automatic?
    • No, we do not have automatic debit orders. We have to manually load debit orders every month on the 20th, so if you have any kind of issue in a specific month, you can let us know and we can make a plan.

How do I sign-up to a Care Plan?

If you are ready to say goodbye to website headaches, and you’re comfortable that you can choose the correct Care Plan, you can click here to complete the application form and we will send over the paperwork.


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