Why you need SEO

One of the questions I receive often is “Why do I need SEO?”

It really boils down to this: “Do you want to go out there hunting for new customers? Or do you want customers to come to you?”

With SEO, potential customers come to you. At the exact time they need your service.

Let’s take a step back…

You most likely paid thousands for your website. But launching a website is only the first step. You need traffic.

And when it comes to traffic, SEO traffic is the holy grail (I will explain why in next week’s email).

SEO can get you dozens of warm potential customers to your website. Every single day.

What do I mean by warm customers? They have a problem already and are looking for someone like you to take care of it.

Imagine getting phone calls every day from clients who are already convinced they need your service. Not only are they convinced they need your service, they also need your assistance right now.

All you need to do is to answer the phone, and sound professional, and the deal is 50% done.

Compare that to social media marketing.
-First, you need to convince people they need your product (which can be an uphill battle at the best of times).
-Then you must convince them they need to pay your fees (you know people on social media always looking for “someone that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg”)
-Only then you can try to convince them that you are the right company to work with.

None of that with SEO.

Because the potential customer already has a problem AND they are trying to solve it (by asking Google to show them a service provider), you have a MUCH higher chance of landing the customer.

Research shows that SEO often has a 14% conversion rate, while social media is typically around the 2% mark. That means website visitors from SEO are 7x times more likely to call you than visitors from social media.

Your potential customers are flocking to Google every single day to research your products, services and industry.

Are you showing up when they are searching for your service? Or are these potential customers ending up with your competitors?

Schedule a call so we can chat about what you need from SEO.


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Many business owners are stressed out about where their next client will come from. At Click Results, we have a 5 step process that turns their website into a salesman that never sleeps so that it attracts new clients, generate more sales and get their business growing again.

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