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Online marketing can be tricky. It is easier than ever to spend thousands without getting a single lead, or making a sale.

We talk to business owners in this position on a weekly basis.

There is an alternative to expensive Google Ads. Or Facebook Ads that don’t work.

This is where our Lead Generation service comes in.

What does it cost?

The fee structure for Lead Generation is pretty simple. There are two parts: the once-off setup, and the per lead fee.

There is a once-off setup fee of R3 000. This also covers you for your first batch of leads.

Your lead fee will vary between R100 and R300. This depends largely on which services you want leads for, and the size of the area you want to service.

The more services you want to promote, the higher the lead fee.

The bigger the area you want to cover, the higher the lead fee.

How does it work?

Pretty simple really.

You pay us for every lead you receive from us.

When you receive 10 leads, you pay for 10 leads.

When you receive 50 leads, you pay for 50 leads.

When you receive 0 leads, you pay nothing.

How will I receive the leads?

We will send you email leads and phone calls from people interested in your products or services.

Yes, you sit back and these potential clients will contact you.

Every time you receive a lead you will also receive a SMS (just in case you are on site and don’t have access to your emails). The SMS notification will have all the details so you can follow up quickly, and land those projects.

Every lead is also stored in a spreadsheet so that you can review at any time, from anywhere.

What makes it different to Google Ads? Or Facebook Ads? Or SEO?

Google Ads can be expensive, and has no guarantee of results.

Facebook Ads are cheaper, but for many industries it is ineffective.

SEO takes time, and requires a 6 month period to really start seeing significant results.

Our Lead Generation offers guaranteed results. No results = no payment. Only pay when you receive real leads that are interested in your product or service.

You don’t pay a management fee just so that someone can sit behind a laptop and pretend to do marketing.

What happens when I get a spam phone call?

We are proud of our very low percentage spam calls. But they do happen.

If you get a spam call, you let us know, and we remove it from your invoice.

How does invoicing work?

When you sign up, you are invoiced for the R3 000 setup fee. Once this is paid, you will receive your first batch of leads.

Once your first batch of leads have come in, you will be billed monthly AFTER receiving the leads.


  • You sign up on the 1st of January. You pay R3 000. This gives you 20 leads.
  • You receive 10 leads in January. You don’t pay anything, since you already paid for the first 20 leads.
  • You receive 20 leads in February. You are invoiced for 10 leads on the 20th of February (since you still had 10 leads left from your first batch of 20).

How many leads can I expect in my first month?

We have to be honest. You probably won’t receive 20 leads in your first month.

This marketing engine takes a bit of time to pick up steam. The good thing for you is that you will most likely pay the setup fee, and will only receive your first invoice at the end of the 3rd month.

Most businesses will get between 5 and 10 leads for their service (obviously depending on the services they are promoting, and the locations they are targeting).

Can you generate leads for my business?

This service works very well for many industries. But there are certain industries where we cannot deliver this service.

To find out if your business qualifies, send us an email at eben@clickresults.co.za.



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