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When it comes to websites, you will find thousands of designers and developers. You won’t have to look very far.

Some of them have a process, while others follow what is called a “cowboy” process (shooting from the hip).

Our process have been developed over the last 10 years to ensure that your website checks all the right boxes, and that your website is built right. From the start. Too often we talk to the clients that have to redesign their website for the 4th or 5th time.

No one likes having to spend money on the same thing twice. That’s just wrong. Our process prevents that from happening.

This process will make sure everyone involved knows exactly what is being built, why it is being built, and what the website should achieve to help your business move forward.

Your website is the foundation of your online marketing, and is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy (yes, even for B2B businesses where deals are closed in the boardrooms. Read here for more on this.)

Step I: Website Wireframe

During this phase, we will do a Website Wireframe workshop where we nail down your marketing message, and the content for your website’s homepage.

This session will also give us, and you, a great idea of what materials (written content, testimonials, client logos, images, videos, icons, supporting graphics) are required for your website.

We will also get a very good idea of the pages required, and we will discuss any other functionality required for your website.

Our Responsibility: Facilitating the workshop, guiding you with advice on your marketing message, creating the PDF wireframe.

Your Responsibility: Completing the on-boarding questionnaire, participating in the workshop, giving prompt feedback.

Deliverable: PDF Wireframe

Fee: R5 500 ex VAT

Timeline: 2 weeks

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Step II: Design

This is where we take your wireframe and we add your branding (fonts, logo, colours, supporting graphics, icons, pictures and images).

Once we have created the design, you will review the design and provide us with your feedback.

Most clients are happy to sign-off after just one round of revisions. If you want to be more particular and require another revision round, this work will be billed at our Current Hourly Rate.

Our Responsibility: Designing the page, guiding you with advice on design, implementing your feedback.

Your Responsibility: Reviewing the design, giving prompt feedback.

Deliverable: Fully designed homepage in PDF format

Fee: To be quoted after wireframe sign-off

Timeline: 2 weeks

Step III: Development

This is where the design is turned into a live, functional website. Typically the longest of the three phases, and also the biggest investment (which is why the first two phases are so critical!).

Our Responsibility: Developing the site according to the signed-off design, testing the site, implementing your feedback, launching the site.

Your Responsibility: Reviewing the development site, giving prompt feedback, testing the site.

Deliverable: Fully functional website

Fee: To be quoted after design sign-off

Timeline: To be estimated after design sign-off (typically between 4 and 12 weeks)

Final thoughts

This process ensures that your new website is properly planned. This phased approach means you, and we, are alway on top of requirements and we ensure that there are no unknowns that come up (most design agencies add padding to their quotes to cater for unknowns).

Making a decision on who to hire for your website project is a big decision. It should not be taken lightly.

If you have a question about this process, or want to discuss your website project, you can click here to schedule a free call.


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Many business owners are stressed out about where their next client will come from. At Click Results, we have a 5 step process that turns their website into a salesman that never sleeps so that it attracts new clients, generate more sales and get their business growing again.

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