Why SEO traffic is the holy grail

Last week I answered the question “why do I need SEO?”. In this post, I mentioned that SEO traffic is the holy grail.

In this post, I am going to let you know why I made that bold statement.

Firstly, clicks from SEO are free.

Yes, you read that right. You can get 100, or 1 000, or 10 000 clicks from Google, and not pay a single cent. Compare that to Google Ads where clicks can cost anything between R200 and R2 (do the math on what 1 000 clicks will cost your business!).


-To get these free clicks from Google you need to know what you are doing, and you need to do a bunch of tasks consistently. So you can either learn SEO yourself or pay an SEO provider (cough cough hint hint, that’s us) to actively work on your website’s SEO.

-So yes, technically SEO isn’t free. Since someone has to do the actual work. But the clicks are still free.

Secondly, SEO doesn’t have an OFF switch.

If you have used Google Ads, you know that as soon as your budget runs out, the tap is closed. Google will not send you any clicks unless you pay for it.

With Facebook and other social media platforms, you also have to create multiple posts every single week.

Social media posts are like a shooting star.

They look spectacular for a few seconds, and then they are gone (yes, social media posts might last a little bit longer than a shooting star, but after a day or two there isn’t much traffic from them).

Compare that to a well-written article on your website which can get free clicks from Google for the next 5 years. I have articles on my various websites that are 7 years old, which still brings my visitors from Google every month.

Thirdly, SEO is so much more scalable.

SEO is a little like going to the gym. You might start off as a couch potato, but the more you lift weights, the stronger you become. You can keep doing the same exercises, but you get stronger, which means you can lift heavier and heavier weights.

With SEO, you keep doing the same” exercises” and your website becomes stronger and stronger.

The stronger your website becomes, the more Google likes it. The more Google likes your website, the more visitors you get from Google.

Remember that every visitor Google sends to your site is actively looking for a service provider.

This means you have potential clients coming to you.

No more hunting clients.

So, why are you not doing SEO?

Give us a call and chat with us about doing SEO for your business.


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