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Before you sign up to a SEO audit, it is important to know what is going to happen, and what to expect.

What makes our audits different?

Most SEO companies are a little lazy, and will just put your website into an automated tool.

While some of these auditing tools can give you some good guidelines, the reality is that those tools only look at the homepage of your website. Imagine going to the doctor, and all he does is check your pulse. Nothing else.

Would he really have the full picture of your health? Your doctor asks you a bunch of questions, makes you open wide to say AAAAHHHHH, pokes his ear thingy into your ear, and a number of other checks before he can tell you what might be wrong.

Similarly, we do our audits on the entire website. Not just the homepage.

We combine information from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and we give you actionable steps that you can take to improve your SEO.

To top it off, we also include 2 hours of fixes in our audits. This means that we can setup some of the foundational SEO pieces if they are missing (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Sitemaps, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions, internal links, image ALT text’s, adding headings, etc).

So, not only do you get an audit, you actually get some SEO work implemented on your site.

How long does a SEO Audit take?

This depends on whether you already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up. If you have it, an audit takes 3-5 working days.

If you don’t have these, the audit will take 10-12 working days (because Search Console first needs to crawl your website, and then start gathering some information).

What do I need to do a SEO Audit?

If you have a website, you qualify for an audit 🙂

If you don’t already have Analytics, we will sort it out for you as part of the audit. If you don’t have a SEO plugin yet, we will add one for you as part of the audit.

What does a SEO Audit cost?

Our SEO Audits start from R5 500 (ex VAT), but please note larger websites take more time to audit, so the size of your site will affect the fee.

How do I get started?

Simply fill in the form below with your details (your website url is important), and we will get back to you with an invoice and some paperwork.

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