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Struggling to get your eCommerce website launched?

When you first hear about Shipping Zones, payment processors, cart abandonment sequences and all the other eCommerce jargon, it can be a little overwhelming.

Setting up an online store can be a daunting task for someone who is tech savvy. Even more for those who are not.

But it shouldn’t be this tough.

eCommerce website developer in pretoria gauteng south africa

Setting up an eCommerce website is intimidating.

We get it.

Launching an online store can be tricky, expensive and time-consuming.

It is tough to figure out packaging, dealing with couriers and figuring out your pricing.

Having to deal with domain registrations, website hosting, WooCommerce themes and plugins, and SSL certificates can be downright scary.

Our online store web design services make it easy for you to get an online store up and running so you can start selling online.

Our online store website packages include:

eCommerce Website Design & Development for Wordpress

Our Online Store Packages Include

Beautiful Design

Love your brand new online store and be proud of it.

SEO Friendly

Be visible on Google and attract new clients.

Marketing Content

We write your content by applying the StoryBrand Framework.

Blazing Fast

Impress clients and search engines with a fast loading site.


Be confident your site is secure from hackers and spammers.

Easy to Manage

Manage your site, anywhere you go. Hassle-free.

Access to Premium Plugins

When you are trying to build your business, you don't want to use free plugins.

Most web design agencies will charge extra for any plugins and themes that are used on your site.

We pay tens of thousands of rands every year for the very best WooCommerce plugins, so that you don't have to.

Our developer licenses allow us to use these premium plugins (that range from R1 500/year to R10 000 per year in price) on our client sites.

These are the plugins we use on our own eCommerce websites, so you know they will work for your store too.

Mentoring & Coaching

*EXCLUSIVE to Pro and Pro Plus packages

Learn from an eCommerce founder with more than 10 years experience. Having built, sold and started multiple eCommerce websites I work closely with all of our clients to give them all the advice from having been in the trenches myself.

We also give you a 6-month customized digital marketing roadmap for your new Story Site

*EXCLUSIVE to Pro and Pro Plus packages

You will know which marketing methods to use, and when to do them. Our customized roadmaps will explain how your unique business should approach digital marketing to get the best possible return on every marketing cent you spend.

From Google Ads and SEO, to Facebook and Instagram marketing, to LinkedIn and Marketing Automation, we have you covered and will explain which of these channels make sense for your business, and which of these channels you can ignore.

*NOTE: A plan is only as good as its execution. We can assist with some marketing services, and we can introduce you to our preferred providers to help with the implementation of this plan.


*All packages require a 24-month commitment.

All packages include:

1 Day Website

1 Day Website

R 11500
ex VAT

+ R499pm for Care Plan
  • 3-4 Pages


Perfect for the brand new store
with a limited budget and a small catalogue.
R 599/mo Over 24 months
+ one-time R16 500 fee
(all prices are Ex VAT)
  • Basic Site Design
  • Up to 20 Products Loaded
    (load the rest yourself)
  • Filtering: Category
  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Lead Magnet
  • Sales Email Sequence


Ideal for established online stores that are looking for a serious boost in sales.
R 799/mo Over 24 months
+ one-time R19 500 fee
(all prices are Ex VAT)
  • Advanced Site Design
  • Up to 50 products
    (load the rest yourself)
  • Filtering: Category & Attributes
  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Lead Magnet
  • Sales Email Sequence

Pro Plus

Ideal for bigger businesses with large catalogues that require custom coding and filtering.
R 1 299/mo Over 24 months
+ one-time R24 500 fee
(all prices are Ex VAT)
  • Custom Site Design
  • 150 Products
    (load the rest yourself)
  • Filtering: Category, Attributes, Brands & Custom Fields
  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Lead Magnet
  • Sales Email Sequence

Frequently Asked Questions

Difficult question to answer.

There are many factors to consider here.

Some shops have a handful of basic products, while others have large catalogues of products.

Some shops have flat fee shipping rates, while others need to charge per area, or perhaps by weight.

Refer to this article to get a basic idea of cost, or look at our eCommerce web design packages.

I believe there are only two options here.

If you have no budget, get a Shopify website. Accept that you have to do do-it-yourself. Accept the monthly charges that you have to pay, and accept that you have to pay more for each feature you want to enable.

At some point in the future, when the sales are rolling in, you can consider the switch to WooCommerce.

Second option, get someone with a track record to build your online store.

Most likely not.

Very few (if any!) online stores make any sales immediately after launch. Unless you had a serious launch marketing campaign.

Once your site has launched the real work starts. Now you need to promote your site and get visitors to the site.

Yes, I can.

I work closely with my clients, and advise them on which channels (social media, search engines, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, retargeting) they should use.

I do not provide all of these as as a service, but I do have a list of trusted partners I work closely with.

No, I can’t.

There are a number of Shopify experts out there, and if Shopify is the best option for your business, I recommend that you contact one of these experts.

They will be faster to build your site, and hopefully that means your site is launched a little a faster than if I had to figure out Shopify.

All packages include:

  • a fully functional eCommerce shop
  • Secure checkout and payment
  • Abandoned Cart Follow up Emails
  • Customizing of order email notifications
  • App to manage orders and stock


Our clients have found this to be the perfect balance.

You pay an upfront fee that covers a large part of the website development cost, with the rest of the development cost being split over a 24 month period.

This makes the cost of an eCommerce website more affordable for you.

Your monthly fee also includes the following:

  • Ongoing support because you can’t afford your online store to go down.
  • Access to our library of premium plugins (meaning you *almost* never have to pay for a plugin again)
  • Optimized hosting for eCommerce
  • Daily cloud backups
  • Uptime monitoring so that you know immediately when the site goes down. You don’t want to lose out on any sales.
  • Security scans. In case your website is breached, you want to know immediately so that the breach can be fixed.
  • Monthly updates of Wordpress, your theme and your plugins so that your site is always safe and secure.

I started out with eCommerce more than 10 years ago. When we chat, I can show you my successful online shops that are making sales.

Who are you going to trust with setting up your shop for success?

The high school kid next door? Or the oke that has been doing this for more than a decade, and who can show you his own stores that are making money right now?

The proof is in the pudding, right?

What happy online store owners are saying

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De Wet Coetzee
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De Wet Coetzee
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De Wet Coetzee

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Sell your products online with a online shop that is open 24/7.

How much longer can you wait before launching your online store?

You have a hundred things to get in place before launching your online store.

Don’t waste your precious time figuring out which theme and plugins to use, or how to setup your courier integration.

Leave that to us.

You focus on sourcing and making your products, setting up relationships with suppliers, keeping your clients happy, figuring out which packaging is going to work best, dealing with couriers and pricing your products to make a profit.

We focus on building a high converting online store for you.

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