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Unlock Your Website’s Full Potential with Growth Design: A Comprehensive Service to Enhance Your Online Performance

Do you ever wonder if your website is performing as well as it could be? Perhaps you’ve invested time and money into your online presence, ...
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Web Design for Accountants: The Importance of a High-Quality Website

A website is critical for a accounting services business, as it can help establish an online presence and attract potential clients. An accounting firm website ...
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Roofing Web Design 101: What Your Roofing Company Needs to Know

Roofing web design is the cornerstone of a successful online presence for any roofing company. In this article, we will explore the importance of a ...
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Web Design for Construction Companies: Get Ahead with Click Results

When designing a construction website, it is vital to remember that a construction website is a crucial tool for building trust, attracting new customers, and ...
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The need for website speed is real – Is your website fast enough?

Is your website fast enough? A couple of days ago, I spoke to a friend that has two businesses. Each with its own website. The ...
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5 Pillars of Local Visibility: How to Get More Local Customers

The days when local visibility on the web was a “nice to have” marketing strategy for local businesses are long gone. Nowadays, local businesses that ...
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Why SEO traffic is the holy grail

Last week I answered the question “why do I need SEO?”. In this post, I mentioned that SEO traffic is the holy grail. In this ...
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Is SEO automatically included after your website is built?

When you have a website built, is SEO automatically included or do you have to ask your developer to add it? Unfortunately, SEO is not ...
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Why you need SEO

One of the questions I receive often is “Why do I need SEO?” It really boils down to this: “Do you want to go out ...
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SEO Consulting: Everything you need to know

If you are considering a SEO consultation, there is a few things you need to know. What is a SEO consultation? And how long is ...
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SEO Audits - Click Results - Blog - Featured Image

SEO Audits: Everything you need to know

Before you sign up to a SEO audit, it is important to know what is going to happen, and what to expect. What makes our ...
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Can you customize the theme I bought?

Many business owners who purchase premade Wordpress themes think that they’ll be able to customize them easily. Often they contact me when they realize it’s ...
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SEO Campaign Anatomy - Click Results - Blog - Featured Image

Anatomy of a SEO Campaign

SEO campaigns are a complex thing. They consist of many moving parts. With Google scoring your website on more than 200 ranking factors, these campaigns ...
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Everything you need to know about our 1-Day Websites

It shouldn’t take weeks, or even months, to launch a website. With your 1-Day Websites, we work with you to launch a beautiful, affordable website. ...
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Web Design for Startups - Click Results - Blog - Featured Image

Web design for Startups: What are the options?

If you are reading this, you are either: A startup considering using a web design agency to build your website (wise) or A startup wondering ...
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Lead Generation What to Expect - Click Results - Blog - Featured Image

What to expect from our Lead Generation service

Online marketing can be tricky. It is easier than ever to spend thousands without getting a single lead, or making a sale. We talk to ...
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Many business owners are stressed out about where their next client will come from. At Click Results, we have a 5 step process that turns their website into a salesman that never sleeps so that it attracts new clients, generate more sales and get their business growing again.

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